From camp, day 1

I have something of a headache – no longer accustomed to so much sun, apparently. Mrs. Madison is reminding me to drink water and we are preparing for dinner, so this perhaps. will be somewhat irregularly paced.

Also, do please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. This is not the easiest medium in which to write.

Mrs. M’s predictions about the heat of the afternoon proved dismayingly accurate, which explains somewhat her ill-temper at our late departure. They only set up the most basic camp when we arrived and waited for the sun to retire behind that western high ridge before resuming. Dr. James could hardly wait to begin his work and did so down by the river, which was markedly cooler. I accompanied him, as Mr. M has insisted that none of us leave camp alone. I confess I spent most of that time with my boots off, wading in the icy waters near the shore where the current was not so rapid. Very refreshing after the long day’s trek, though it did not lessen the ache in the back of my head.

We returned to the camp in the early evening to find dinner preparations well under way. The long table was laid out with white linens and a lovely table setting — I can hardly credit it, but Dr. J says there is no real need to live like barbarians just because one travels among them. I can hardly fault his wisdom, as the calamari steak I had was tender and mild, just the right antidote for headache and fatigue.

Mr. M is watching me, when he thinks I am not looking, and when he thinks his wife is not looking. He may look all he likes, but that’s all the leisure I have for him. I may sometimes enjoy the hunt, but I am no poacher. Unless he and his wife have special arrangements, I am as chaste as the moon where he is concerned.

Which desn’t suit me either, but there you have it.

Ah, the natives have begun the fire, which pray God will repel the sudden mosquito invasion. Once all is settled I’ll sit down with that mirror and see what can be seen. I am much looking forward to my bed this night!

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