The Red-Framed Mirror

How intriguing.

After explaining the significance of finding such a mirror in this place I was left to my own devices in studying it. The Madisons are hard-headed moutaineers with little patience for “what goes on in them foreign parts” and my dear old Dr. J claims such exotic pursuits are my bailiwick, not his.

I have discovered little definitive thus far; the reflection of the flames stirred uneasiness and even our guard dogs growled with hackles raised and fangs bared. Once, as Dr. J passed it to Mr. M I saw lightning reflected in the sky to the NORTH and, just briefly, I thought I saw a large, hump-backed figure in a cloak though of course nothing of the sort was there when I turned to look.

The dogs wouldn’t settle until I covered it and put it out of sight. Now the natives stare at me uneasily from around their fires, clearly not liking what they don’t understand. It would seem more research is in order, but possibly when I can do so alone.

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