Surface Ties

This is our last working morning in camp, as tomorrow we’ll be heading back to the coast and our disparate lives. Dear Dr. J is already anxious to get some of his findings submitted to the national institute here which governs such things and to begin writing his next paper on the flora and fauna here. He’s become quite the American in these latter years, an observation I shared with him last night which made him laugh.

It felt good and right to mend our quarrel over dinner yestereve, for unless he ventures to Fallen London I doubt I shall ever see him again.

The Madisons are already discussing their next adventure, which entails gold mining in the mountains just north of here. It’s a life that seems to suit them both for they are very much “laws unto themselves” and belong out in this country where legal protection is a far thing to seek.

As my parents have long been dead and my paternal grandparents more recently so… My marriage is dead. My child is of course dead and that is why I came to Fallen London…

…Which is now my home, the only one in this world I have left. Mayhap if I do win the Marvellous and achieve my Heart’s Desire I’ll have reason to return Northumbria – a pleasanter place for a child to grow up than the Neath, I should think, much easier to set up and maintain my laboratories here on the surface where materials are more readily available.

Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps. The future is never certain, only the past. For now I am free of surface ties; they are my past.

Like everyone else, I step into that unknown future as boldly as I may.

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  1. Henrik Paulsen said,

    July 11, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    I should like to visit you in Northumbria, if I may. Theodor and I have made the acquaintance of a charming young woman from the region, and I should not be sorry to have another reason to travel.

  2. cl0ckw0rks said,

    July 12, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    Should I ever return to that place, you’ll have an open invitation which you may redeem whenever you please. The library at Fawkesworth Manor is extensive enough to keep even Theodor content, I think; the hunting, falconry, horse-riding, shooting, and other assorted sports might appeal more to your vigorous nature.

    There are things that must be done ‘ere I return to that place, however. Fortunately my return to Fallen London means I am able to pursue them with what is admittedly joyous abandon.

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