Hunger is an Annoyance

  • The Unaccountaby Peckish kind has mostly been a minor annoyance, one that lessened considerably when I enjoyed the last of the fresh food I smuggled in from the surface earlier in the week. I can find no real use for the hunger except to cause me to experience cravings that revulse me and so I’ll be glad when it’s gone.
  • On a related note, I believe I’ve found no fewer than five counterfeit heads of St. John the Baptist since this silly season started.
  • Loneliness is an underhanded, pernicious kind of hunger. It’s a more serious annoyance than the peckishness, if only because its remedy seems far to seek, indeed.
  • In dealing with such unwelcome solitudes I’ve made the acquaintances of the exquisite Rhian Jenkins and a lady who goes by the unlikely psuedonym of “woogawoman,” a moniker I find delightfully intriguing. What is its origin? Why does she use it? Perhaps she’ll trust me enough to confide the truth of it, one day.
  • Also, the formidable Madam Ella Kremper bade me come share a bottle of that wretched (wonderful), evil (liberating) Black Wings Absinthe with her. Even after consulting our dear Commodore about the contents, I was out of sorts enough to accept the invitation and drink the inky black stuff. “Blacker than an idiot’s shadow” indeed — and I think I had to be completely idiotic to drink as much of it as I did. Still… it did ease some of the restlessness, though I’m not sure I care for what I remember of the rest of the night. The Scandal, in the aftermath, was fairly entertaining….
  • Oh, the poem! Thank you, those of you who’ve shared your feelings about it, your feedback (and even critique, in one case) was much appreciated. No, I haven’t heard from Huffam as yet — I rather doubt I shall, as I doubt it’s the kind of poem he generally cares to publish.
  • Rather than continue to ask me the identity of the mysterious “you” in the verses, perhaps you’ll all consent to consider it simply an abstract, or a generality and leave to good breeding any other speculations you might have? Thank you ever so….
  • Ambition is a kind of hunger; this one is not an annoyance though what I must do to achieve it is. I am so sick of the Forgotten Quarter I do wish I could forget it, but until this thing with the relics is over I am doomed to return there, it seems. Quite candidly, if I didn’t need the echoes for a rather stunningly expensive purchase, I wouldn’t return at all!
  • I did remove myself to the Shuttered Palace after a time as it turns out my cures for certain illnesses are rather well-received. Those luridly bright green tongues! I have seldom laughed so hard…! Almost payment enough! Almost.

Outside of hunger, I again contemplate throwing my doors open to all of Fallen London for an Open Salon. Again, I solicit you, my dearest delicious friends, for advice as to dates and times, if you have any. As for purely physical hungers, I have dinner invitations to keep me… sated. Or as close as I ever get to it, these days.



  1. iskandra said,

    July 16, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    I am quite certain, Madam, that I have seen someone resembling your person in a black cape last night, roaming the streets. I did not dare say hello though, you seemed rather–preoccupied with snarling….

    • cl0ckw0rks said,

      July 16, 2010 at 6:41 pm

      Snarling? Truly?

      Well well.

      I’ve been told I only snarl under certain rather intimate kinds of duress. It would appear that is no longer the case…

      Tell me you’ll attend my next Salon, dear lady. I would take it as a kindness if you did. I promise you I will do my best not to snarl.

  2. Narcissus said,

    July 16, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    I will never be able to persuade you of the romance of the Forgotten Quarter! But monotony is never pleasing — the wide, light-filled avenues are a delight to me after too long in the shuttered rooms of the Palace, but you, you’ve already dug up all the mysteries of the place, and now it’s all dust and horse-heads. I won’t invite you to any more moonish lit walks there, but do join me for wine and honey some time. We’ll dream other dreams, and better.

    And a salon — ! We still need to play True Confessions, don’t we? I’ll make sure Theodor is in attendance.

    • cl0ckw0rks said,

      July 16, 2010 at 10:05 pm

      You are a relentless romantic, my dear man! Give it some time and I’m sure I’ll remember the romance of the place. As it is, you’re quite right — I’ve had my fill of dust and bones for now.

      Wine and honey dreams sound like such fun though. I still would enjoy honey-dreaming with you sometime. I hope we can soon.

      As for my salon, when do you think we should have it? I was thinking the end of the month, perhaps what the old pagans called “August Eve” or Lugnassadh/Lammas. It’s a grand old celebration and we shall have plenty of time to invite all our friends. What do you think?

      • Narcissus said,

        July 17, 2010 at 9:16 am

        It’s incurable, I know! Even one of your remedies and a green tongue won’t stop my romanticizing. But the appetite for variety is also a hunger, and fortunately for us, there are various pursuits I might romanticize for you.

        We can dream the shore of an ocean actually blue — I’ve had a longing for blue water, lately. Not that the black water of the Unterzee is without its charm, but in the false-summer heat I thirst for Italian summers on the coast.

        The end of the month sounds excellent, and I do approve of any invocation of pagan revelry. But I must say, you’d mentioned before the possibility of a salon that goes on for days … Of course your guests shouldn’t like to impede too long on your hospitality, but I did like the sound of it. Perhaps we could stage a few nights of celebration, culminating in Lammas?

        • cl0ckw0rks said,

          July 17, 2010 at 4:55 pm

          Ah… the isle of Capri, possibly the only good thing about my former marriage was the honeymoon on Capri. Lovely, intimate place to be in the summer, have you been?

          All right then, I shall announce our next salon for the evening of July 31st and we shall annoy everyone we know by reminding them about it until then. As for the other — perhaps something like a tea room? Similar in construct to the salon but open during they days for all our friends to meet and talk, if they wish?

          • Narcissus said,

            July 18, 2010 at 8:29 am

            Fascinating people here — expatriate poets, painters and ne’er-do-wells, locals with the blood and the beauty of Classical Greece. I do hope you were able to evade your husband long enough to enjoy their company.

            You see, you are never without a fine idea — a tea room would be lovely. Mind you, I take my tea with laudanum.

            • cl0ckw0rks said,

              July 18, 2010 at 9:10 am

              Oh my dear man! My ex-husband was most often to be found with such entertaining company and he invited them to our villa often enough. I do not think we had been married a whole week before I discovered him in flagrante delicto with one of those artists’ models. And again a week later, with the artist.

              I have had the poorest judgement where my heart is concerned, a lamentable character flaw that seems not to have changed much. It’s why I rarely lend it out anymore.

              I shall indeed open up a room here for tea and conversation. Anyone may come by and use it as long as they wish, to talk about what they will. I need not even be present, which is as well, for I’ve much to do these days!

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