The Way is No Longer Shut

At last, at last there is word. Something is happening at that small, nondescript house neat Wolfstack Docks. No one is certain quite what is occurring, but all agree the constables are providing the same time frame.

Two weeks, or thereabouts. Two weeks.

There is much yet to be done. All thoughts of relocating my household are gone. I must see to Feducci, regardless.  I must settle things at Court, and it is a mark of my impatience with that place that I would much rather face Feducci. My guest lecture courses at Summerset must be concluded.

I have not, however, stopped playing cards. My skills are as sharp as ever — I have not lost a game in… months.

There are no guarantees. I ask for none. The way is no longer shut. I will be able to move forward. Again soon. No more diversions. No more distractions.

Nicholas… I’m coming, darlingas quickly as ever I can…


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