A Note of Thanks and Congratulations!

If you attended the Masque of All Souls last night and participated in any way, I want to congratulate you for helping to make the event such a smashing success and so thoroughly delightful for everyone involved.

I also want to thank you, of course. These things are difficult to orchestrate even when one has thought them through completely, and I had not. There’s always something, isn’t there?

[This time it was me deciding OOC to blip music during the busiest early hours without having thought ahead to what should be played, silly me. Fortunately, Merri thought to employ an orchestra…]

In any case, yes: Thank you all, you’re wonderful, exciting people to know and if you think of it sometime in the next few days, take a moment to thank and congratulate the others who attended and made it so highly enjoyable. Smashingly clever lot, we are!


The Masque of All Souls

As you approach the grand old manorhouse that is Cl0ckw0rkings it is immediately apparent that it has undergone a rather distressing… change. The well-kept wrought iron fence which fronts the house is now rusted and festooned with cobwebs, the open gate itself hanging precariously askew upon its hinges. A coffin stands upright against the low fountain wall, not quite sealed. From within emerges a ghastly glowing radiance and sounds which surely could not come from a human throat. Cats and rats and bats can be seen skittering, fluttering, slinking about the grounds, the shadows seem alive with them.

From the house itself, sickly green and blue illumination can be seen from most of the windows on the upper floors, whilst the lower emit diabolic reds and oranges. The whole facade seems thick with spider webs, mosses, and fungi, with an overall air of disuse and decay which is quite unlike its usual state. There is however a small orchestra playing within, some macabre jig or other, music to which the dead might dance. Also within might be heard voices, human voices, raised in conversation, laughter and song as the living celebrate Life and honour the Dead.

Welcome to the Masque of All Souls. You’ve arrived just in time.

The housekeeper takes whatever outerwear you care to surrender. She’s in what must be her usual livery, but her face, hands, and hair are made up to look as if she’s spent a few weeks in a grave before returning to her duties. The foyer and staircases to the upper levels are entwined in black vines and draped in grey mosses; the only illumination is fitful, and provided by foxfire candles. Just within and to the right is the spacious parlour. Cobwebs, low-lying smoke. Bats rustling eerily in the corners. A full skeleton sits in one chair, head resting in a bony hand, teacup in the other ; several skulls bedeck the walls, shelves and mantel. The music is muted here, it’s a perfect place to sit and talk with friends. Two servants in a black robes, wearing two plain white-face masks (one over the face, one over the back of the head) stand by to refresh drinks and offer small finger foods for the guests who choose to spend time there.

The conservatory and garden at the rear of the house are the heart and center of the night’s celebrations. A small orchestra is on stage at one end of the room, in formal attire, faces painted as skulls. Servants garbed much as the ones in the parlour move about with trays of drinks for the guests. Along one wall is a long buffet table with hot and cold foods and features both Neath cuisine and surface fare. A half-dozen or so performers are also here: A tall “mortician” walking about on stilts, two dancers twirling ribbon-wands, a juggler in full harlequin regalia who juggles skulls and jewels with equal facility, lastly a slender contortionist who is doing things with his/her body that no mortal human being should ever countenance.

Come in, introduce yourself to your host (Gabriel Morgan) and hostess (Merriwether Fawkes) for the evening and your fellow guests. Let the revels begin!

It’s Official.

The offer from the agent came through this afternoon. It will take some time to do the renovations and remodeling, but I’ve the lease for the premises in my hot little hands at last.

Cl0ckw0rkings, Uptown

The Masque of All Souls on November 1st will be the last salon held here at the original Cl0ckw0rkings, my friends. It’s the end of one era, but the start of a newer, and much happier one.

Do please come celebrate with us, won’t you?

The Masque of All Souls, an Open Salon

Merriwether Fawkes (@cl0ckw0rks) and Gabriel Morgan (@GabrielMorgan) are pleased to announce The Masque of All Souls, an open salon to be held here at Cl0ckw0rkings on the evening of Monday, November 1st. It will be an evening of music and dancing, poetry and parlour games. In addition, a fine buffet will be provided for the sustenance of the guests.

During the event we will be pleased to honour the safe return of Lamont (@curious_fellow) to our fallen city and our fellowship.

As always, the salon is open to all, new friends and old. The only general requirement is polite, friendly behaviour to all in attendance — and if one can’t, a willingness to be a good sport about getting tossed out my front door by the other guests.

For this event only, a costume (or at least a mask) is required. Those who do not have one will be furnished one at the door.

Doors will open at 5:00pm [PST, for Surface reference] and close whenever the last guests leaves.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

An Occasion to Celebrate!

What occasion, you may ask? Why, any and all! As I’ve said publicly, any excuse to celebrate is a good one!

Personally, I shall be celebrating the good news about the Marvellous, primarily. As a distant second, my victory over Feducci in the Black Ribbon Society! If you’re stopping by, tell us why you are celebrating — and if you have no reason of your own, feel free to borrow one of mine!

All are welcome at these salons, regardless of your sex, race, creed, or station in life. All I ask is that you behave civilly — and if you cannot or will not, don’t begrudge us the fun of throwing you out the front door! If you are new to our revels here, it may be a few moments until you appear here. Be patient, all will be well and all manner of thing shall be well, as our Masters are wont to say.

Let the revels begin!

Open Salon

Merriwether Fawkes moves about the rooms and small garden of her townhouse that shall be open for guests shortly, double-checking decor and refreshments with a critical eye. Foxfire candles are lit and set about in elegant wrought-iron candleabra, twined about with wickerworks of dried reeds (alas, there is little else easily available here). Mushroom cakes laid out amid drops of Prisoner’s Honey and Greyfields 1882 and bottles of Madam Gebrandt’s Superior Laudanum. For the more temperate of her friends there are full coffee and tea services, of course, with frozen puffball creams and toadstool sorbet (bless the urchins for their enterprise and generosity!).

Esther and 6 of her numerous nieces and nephews are liveried for service, looking entirely too serious and formal but they’ll relax once the guests arrive and the real work begins, she’s sure of it.

Music… she cannot be sure whether the Commodore will return in time for his show, which in all cases is most preferable; but, if he is not returned, then it seems best to have something to fill in the odd moments of silence that will happen even in the most successful of events.

She catches her reflection in the glass of an interior doorway — not a mirror, too many Fallen Londoners have nightmarish associations with them — and studies it as closely as she has done the setting about her. A midnight blue gown, perhaps the loveliest she’s ever owned, tinting her eyes with blue like… topaz, she supposes, just a touch… moon-pearls in her hair, an elegant coiffure… and a new moon-pearl and diamond necklace, tastefully understated, adorns her throat and décolletage. That is what is what can be seen. What cannot makes her smile mischievously — it is her party, after all. She’ll play if she so wishes!


Be welcome, gentle guests and dear friends. Leave your cares at the door, enter, and be merry!

As opposed to being Merri, of course. I am she, and that’s likely quite enough for the city to be going on with, at the moment.

If you have not been here before, it may take me a moment or two to make your presence known, but fear not! You may be a new friend here, but rest assured you are a dear, delicious friend — we adore you already!

July 31 2010 Open Salon

With the invaluable help of Narciso, Veilgarden’s pride and joy, I’ve set the date for the next Open Salon here at Cl0ckw0rkings. Mark your calendars for July 31st 2010, the Pagan Feast of Bread, also known as Lugnassadh or Lammas, or August Eve. The doors will open at 12pm PDT and will close whenever the last of the guests are finally passed out over the balcony railing.

As you may have guessed, not all of us keep the same hours here in Fallen London. By setting the time so (UTC 8:00pm, check your zones) I’m hoping to see more of our delicious friends in attendance throughout the day and evening. The lovely thing about the format is that anyone can join in on any conversation at any point, and see it answered at any point — much fun, really.

I hope to see you here then!

An Impromptu Open Salon

I am so excited to be back in Fallen London I simply cannot restrain my enthusiasm. I have therefore thrown open my doors, so to speak, inviting all of the denizens of the Neath into my home for an evening of drinking, dining, rumor, gossip, scandal, flirting, debating (politely — fisticuffs at such a function are certainly vulgar) — whatever you like.

Invite your friends, if you like. This is an event for everyone, not just the circle of acquaintance I currently maintain. More delicious friends can never be a detriment!

In the comments below you may say whatever you wish. If you’ve not left a tangible presence here before, it will take a few moments for me to open the door for your words, so to speak, but fear not — I shall be with you presently, I promise!

Now onward: Our first and quite spontaneous Open Salon!