Love is Why I Came Down, poetry by Israel Salvador

Love is why I came Down!
Love shows what Light can’t

is true like Words aren’t
Stays like skin doesn’t
teaches what time won’t!

It’s what the Devils try not to be made of
and what the Masters want to be!

I, ah, can’t really say it much more clearly!
Love is Love
and it’s what’s left
and what is Right!

I still remember that!

by Israel Salvador (@izzysalvador) and posted with his permission



if my hands tremble
as fingertips brush the ragged scarlet edges
of torn flesh
think only that it
is the scent of fresh
that dizzies me

mark it as my feminine nature’s
natural revulsion
to seeing you so intimately
seeing the you
that which skin should have
kept secret

think me frail
carefully insulated
from wounds
the terror and honor
of battle

think any of this
I pray
knowing my hands tremble
from deeper wounds
honorably won
as I battle myself
and win

and lose