Fawkeswood Manor

My girlhood home in Northumbria

Another portrait from my life on the surface. The tower with the windowed turret has been the family laboratory for generations.


A Touch of Scandal

Written by cl0ckw0rks and TheSelks after their conversation in the Tea Room.

With a mysterious smile, Merri takes Tobias’ arm and leads him toward the stairs. On the walls are paintings and sketches, most of landscapes, flowers, and a few portraits though none are labelled. “I’ve had to take my time redecorating here. As I’m sure you know, it’s costly and my funds have gone to other pursuits much as yours have. Still, it’s been a pleasure to bring this old townhouse back to some semblance of its former glory. I do enjoy beauty so.”

His eyes move over the portraits as she lead him on, a faint smile crossing his face as he saw the landscapes. ¬†“The care you are taking certainly shows, I am firmly impressed. ¬†There is no doubt in my mind that you will have this house back to it’s full glory soon, you have an eye for such things.”

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Ghosts from the Past

This arrived in a shipment of boxes today. I hardly recognize it.

Once upon a lifetime ago...